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Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

The Story About Our First International Paper

           Hi, I hope that your days always feel the most valuable for its own memorable. Now, I want to share a story about my trip with my two friends when fused into a solid team (one faculty of our campus) to initiated to submit in international paper. Having considered carefully on the first offering of our seniors about the Aceh Development International Conference in Malaysia, it looks like we are interested in a variety of considerations. First, opportunity to entry of this International Conference is big. Second, Malaysia is a neighboring country that issued the budget is not too high. Third, we realized that our English Language skills have not really expert now, so expectations are even using the Indonesian language a little bit there they can still understand it.

Our first get together, of course we talked about the idea and the title that will be raised by Us. Once agreement is reached and a title of some of the ideas put forward, we immediately set the outlines of the sub headings to make it easier to find references. The next few days, we decided to look for a reference as much as possible. Once collected, we immediately started making it a sustainable paper. Yes, almost every night We meet at the same place and time. We realize that only a few days away our opportunity to enter the full paper. We get it over with and then immediately sent to the email address of the committee there.

Important date in the list mentioned that the status of our paper will be announced one month later, but in fact even more than that. After the resignation, we understand, but was pushed back again a few days until we feel that our paper does not surrender its status unclear. One day, I go back to the website and the status of our paper was accepted. I immediately told my friends and intend to immediately hold a gathering again in the evening. Indeed, we have to have millions in an interval of less than one month. But we believe God's help will always be there.

Hopefully all the paperwork smoothly and we could leave for Malaysia on  March 25-29, 2012. God willing. Amin

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