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“MAN JADDA WAJADA”(In Arabic), who had been considerable effort, he will be success. This sentence always makes me stronger than almost average people in the world. Why? Because I believe that my god is never sleepy. He always sees how much effort of his creature to get something. This conviction always cures my thinking, exactly the thinking about my fate. I was born in a deep area in West Java Province, Indonesia on November 13th, 1991 from the parent who never gets higher education after Elementary School. But, I feel so lucky and always thank god for everything that was given to me and my family. I want to be the first who have chance to finish my higher education from my village. After that, I want to be a world class researcher. Perhaps, many people said in my village that it is impossible to be realized. They just gave me a smile when I was saying about my hope to study abroad. But, I’m sure that it is POSSIBLE to be realized.

My father is a farmer who has high motivation to working hard every day. My mother is a housewife who always makes do’a and spends her life to serve the best. I have one sister who always gives me a motivation in anything. I’m just an ordinary people but have some lucky to support my education. My parent was sending me to the boarding school since I got junior high school in Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java. I study hard about all of useful knowledge that was given me with scholarship from Islamic Education Foundation since senior high school in Tasikmalaya City, Indonesia.

Now, I’m studying at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Indonesia with major Mechanical and Bio-system Engineering with full scholarship from Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI) until graduate later. So which of the favors of my lord would I deny? NOTHING. Beside studies, I’m an organizational student since I was getting junior high school. In my campus, I was a chairman of Scientific Dormitory Club, member of Parliament Students, member of Forum for Scientific Studies, and so on. In beside that, as a scholarship receiver, I feel so bad if I don’t share my knowledge to others. So, I was taking a part-job as a private teacher for junior and senior high student in Bogor until now. I’m sure, there is CAUSE AND EFFECT in our live. If I give goodness to someone, I will get it too from the others.
I was getting some achievemant which could increase my experience about all something. In 2006, I was a delegate of West Java at Jamboree among Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunai Darussalam. In 2009, I was a delegate of West Java at National Jamboree. In 2010, I was accepting in IPB with full scholarship by Directorate of Higher Education Indonesia until graduate later. In 2011 I was a dele ate of IPB at "MTQ Mahasiswa Nasional" Makassar. In 2012, I’m a delegate of IPB at Aceh Development Interntional Conference, Malaysia. In 2012, I’m a winner of The Biggest National Competition among 95 Universities about Applied Technolgy (PIMNAS PKMT), Delegate of IPB at TRI-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium, Delegate of IPB at International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research 2013, Delegate of IPB at Good Practice Program of Niigata University 2013, Delegate of IPB at PIMNAS XXVI Mataram, and So on (Prestasi Asep Andi). Finally, all of that stories follow the dreams that I wrote before.....

HP      : 085890847246
Email   : artha_tsm@yahoo.co.id
FB       : Asep Andi
Twitter : @artha_tsm

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